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  • Cuteness overloaded. 
    I love red pandas. I just wish one day I’ll have one at home )


  • I’m going to be on a diet tonight

    #happy   #friday


  • I really love Trello -  free collaboration tool that organizes your project lists into boards. It’s so easy to use and all these boards look amazing on all devices. I still use Google Keep for quick notes or todo lists, but Trello is awesome for something more global, like a plan for new project or learning new language.

    I also heard about Timeful. Have you ever used it? Do you have any similar tool you like?

    Pic source: http://heartofwisdom.com/blog/get-organized-with-trello-lists/



  • That day when you spend 5 hours on debugging not working code, trying thousands ways to fix it, but in the end it was just slash in the wrong place.



  • The Script - If You Could See Me Now
    Music video by The Script performing If You Could See Me Now. (C) 2013 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited


  • Working from home today…
    Happy Sunday!



  • hello.js - cool development kit for getting users’ profiles, then liking, hearting, +1ing, sharing and playing around with a users photos. 



  • Нам тоже надо обливаться?:)


  • Everything about testing mobile in one place. 
    "Emulators and simulators are useful, but they’re not 100% accurate. Always test on as many real devices as possible." - this is very true.